Prey Has Taken To Twitter To Ask An Intriguing Question

After delivering one of 2017’s most riveting single-player experiences, it appears as though Bethesda might be continuing to invest in Prey as the game’s official account on Twitter has floated a rather intriguing question.

“Do we really know what’s out there?” asks the team behind one of the most atmospheric games of last year, as the GIF pans interestingly towards the moon.

It’s only banter at this stage, but it’s very possible that Bethesda is ramping up for an expansion for Prey, perhaps a standalone helping like they’ve done for both their Wolfenstein and Dishonored franchises, that sees us take to the lunar surface to uncover more of Transtar’s dastardly doings.

Colour us keen for whatever it is Arkane might be cooking up.

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