Here’s The Video That Trump Used To Show That Video Games Are Too Violent

Following the much-anticipated meeting earlier today, where President Donald Trump discussed violence in video games with a number of key people across the video game industry, this appears to be the 1 minute 30 second compilation of violence in video games that Donald Trump used as an example. The video was published on the official White House YouTube channel soon after the meeting ended.

The footage features gameplay from games such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Fallout 4, Sniper Elite 4 and Dead by Daylight.

Apparently, Trump opened the meeting by playing the video and then said “This is violent, isn’t it”. Obviously, you can’t deny that the footage is violent, but these are just little snippets from games that are 50-100 hours in length..

  1. I’m an Environment artist at Rebellion (Sniper Elite) And I’m not being funny, we Don’t make our games or environments to ‘condone’ violence, we do them as artists who like players to escape reality and feel the immersion in video games, If we look at this logically, we can say 90% of what we do in our day to day lives condone violence, eating food from animals which are slaughtered (I’m not a vegan. Just saying), Fishing; where we catch animals to either cook or release, TV is somewhat violent, comic books, video games, but at the end of the day, They’re age restricted for the simple fact that some brains aren’t ready, so if they want to say a 14, 15, 16 or 17 year old went into a school with a gun and killed a bunch of students and teachers, Surely there’s an underlying issue with the school itself that wasn’t rectifying what caused this person to go Postal. For instance, severe bullying could eventually degrade the mentality of said student to the point where the only logical thing to do would be to out lash violence on all responsible for deteriorating said students mindset, furthermore. Parents are ultimately responsible, if said student is violent because of playing an 18+ video game and he’s 14, 15 or 16… it’s the parents fault for Ignoring the age restriction in the first place.

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