Rare’s Sea of Thieves Roadmap Promises A Lot Of Content

Sea of Thieves launched to reasonable fanfare and expectation, though as the sheen quickly wore off it was apparent the game suffered from a severe lack of content. It’s stunning and it taps into a sense of adventure we all have, though there’s just not a lot to do beyond the basic bounties on offer.

Fortunately, Rare’s Sea of Thieves roadmap makes it seem as though the developer has a handle on this and they’re about to steer this ship into deeper, calmer and content-filled oceans with tasks as far as the eye can see.

The game’s first content pack, The Hungering Deep, arrives in May, though it’s the first of six content updates that’ll be releasing in 2018 to support Sea of Thieves. And here’s the music to your ears, all of those content packs will be released for free.

The Hungering Deep will feature a new enemy threat that crews will have to seek out and defeat during a unique event in the game’s world, all the while introducing new mechanics for players to master throughout their adventure. And of course, there’ll be loot which, let’s be honest, is what pirates want.

“We’ve been listening closely to our community, and we know how keen they are to hear how we plan to grow Sea of Thieves,” said Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate.

“As we’ve always said, launch is just the start for Sea of Thieves, and we are going to grow and evolve the game with feedback from our community.”

Rare break down their content plans in the video above.

In it, they discuss the two content packs that’ll follow The Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. The former is expected to introduce a new ship type and the latter will open the map up even further, revealing a new perilous part of the world to set sail to.

The one thing Rare has constantly reiterated is that players are going to shape how Sea of Thieves continues to grow, it’s clearly going to be a community focused project so be vocal about what you’re after. It’s feedback that will shape this game going forward.