Sony’s Spoof Trailer For Dog Of War Is As Adorable As You Hoped It’d Be

With the release of God of War taking the world by storm, there’s been a slight hitch at Sony’s most recent marketing meeting. Good old “Ed from the agency” has let his dyslexia get in the way of a good campaign as his worst nightmare comes to life in front of the higher-ups who are expecting an ad for Kratos’ critically-acclaimed odyssey.

Instead, it’s less God of War and more, well, Dog of War. And it’s bloody adorable.

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It’s the game we never knew we wanted, but God of War is phenomenal enough to suffice luckily.

Feel free to give our review a read, where we gave the game canine out of ten. And if you’re in the market for a limited run God of War PlayStation 4 Pro console, we’re also giving one of those away so enter here for the chance to win.

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