Bethesda Is Suing Warner Bros. Over Their Westworld Game

In an unfortunate turn for Warner Bros., it appears that Bethesda is taking legal action against the publisher over suggestions it pinched the same coding used in Fallout Shelter. Their aim is to have the game removed from the marketplace.

The Westworld came released just this week on iOS and Android. It has apparently been in development since the final season wrapped on Westworld’s debut season which took the entertainment world by storm. Unfortunately, the game is a bit of a blatant rip-off of Bethesda’s vault-dwelling sim.

Bethesda has claimed that the Westworld title from Warner Bros. uses programming code that can be found in Fallout Shelter.

Interestingly, the game’s developer Behaviour Interactive worked on Fallout Shelter back in 2014. The hilarious part is that true to Bethesda’s form, the proof of the stolen coding became evident due to a couple of bugs being consistent between Westworld and early builds of Fallout Shelter.

Neither company has yet commented on this case of assumed identity, but if they do we’ll bring you an update.

(Thanks, VG247.)