EB Games Is Running Its Own Battle Royale With $15,000 Worth Of Prizes

EB Games Australia today announced ‘Buck Royale’ which is a cheeky play on the battle royale genre, that will have customers going into stores to get scratch it cards in order to win $15,000 worth of prizes.

EB World customers should have today received an email telling them that they’re in one of four teams (Pulse, Redux, Blade or Grit).

It’s a little but unclear in regards to how it will work (EB Games say that full details are coming Monday), but basically, from Monday (13th of August), you’ll get a free scratch card with every $10 that you put towards a pre-order as well as every $25 worth of trades. You’ll then be able to redeem these codes online to earn points for your team.

The team with the most points at the end of the week are the winners of Buck Royale, with every member of this specific team competing for the final prize pool with over $10,000 of prizes to be won.

It’ll also be worth jumping on EB Games Facebook page from Monday, as there will be $5,000 worth of prizes (and points) to be won during the week.

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Here’s what the email says: 

“Get ready for Buck Royale – an epic competition where four teams drop in, but only one team wins. As one of our awesome EB World members, you’ve been chosen to battle it out for your chance at over $15,000 in prizes.

From Monday 13 August, get a free scratch card for every $10 you put towards a preorder or for every $25 you get in trade value. Redeem your scratch card online to earn points for your team. Jump on our Facebook page daily to earn bonus points and win over $5,00 in prizes.

The team with the most points at the end of the week are declared winners of Buck Royale! Every member who earned points for the winning team can compete in the final epic prize pool, with over $10,000 in prizes to be won!”

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