An Unopened Pokémon Card Box Sold For $77,000 So Check Your Collection

Everyone loves de-cluttering now and again, right?

As reported by Kotaku earlier this week, a box of First Edition Pokémon trading cards from 1999 has raked in a staggering $56,000USD ($77,175 AUD approx.) at auction.

Sold on Huggins & Scott Auctions, there is a chance that the winner could boost their value even more by finding an elusive First Edition Charizard holo card, which in pristine mint condition itself has made over $50,000.

But before you go rummaging through your collections at home, be advised; this was the absolute first generation of Pokémon cards, and have never seen the light of day, or been touched by grubby hands in the schoolyard. Still, it is nice to think that parts of our childhood could still have so much value.

In the meantime I’ll just sit here with an empty slot in my card album, hoping that one day a Charizard makes its way into my collection as well.