A Mass Shooting Occurred At A Madden Tournament Overnight Killing Four People

In extremely sad news, a shooter has overnight opened fire whilst a Madden NFL tournament was happening in Florida. The tournament was being live-streamed on Twitch as the gunman opened fire on participants.

WJXT, a local news outlet is currently reporting that four people are dead with several more injured. It is unclear if this number will rise. 

Electronic Arts (the publisher of Madden) were very quick to respond to the incident on social media.

Steven Javaruski, who was taking part in the Madden tournament has said that the shooter was a participant in the tournament, but had lost in an earlier round. He also went on to say that the shooter “targeted a few people” and shot at least five victims. 

The police have gone on to confirm that one suspect is dead, and at this stage it looks unlikely that there was another suspect that took part in the shooting.

Obviously, due to the nature of this event, the moment that the shooting began was captured live on Twitch. You can find the footage HERE, but be warned that it is extremely disturbing.