Bethesda’s Pete Hines Is Coming To PAX Australia

Bethesda has today announced that Pete Hines, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Bethesda, will be making the trip down for PAX Australia.

They’ve also confirmed that Tim Willits (Studio Director of ID Software) and Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online Studios) will also be making the trip down.

All three will be at a number of panels across PAX weekend:

  • Saturday 27 October | 2:00pm | Bethesda Trivia | Galah Theatre
  • Friday 26 October | 5:30pm | id Software Retrospective | Main
  • Friday 26 October | 2:30pm | Bethesda in Conversation | EB Theatre
  • Friday 26 October | 12:00pm | Utopia/Dystopia: Environment-Drive Storytelling | Galah Theatre


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