Google’s ‘Future Of Gaming’ GDC Teaser Has Made Me Way More Interested

After the controller patent for Google’s potential new console leaked over the weekend, Google has today started hyping up their reveal at GDC later this month.

We knew nothing about what they were going to reveal before today, in terms of whether it’d just be streaming technology, a new console, or a mobile strategy, but judging by the reveal, I think we can pretty much say that whatever it is will be quite high quality in terms of visuals.

In the trailer, we get a tease of a number of locations, featuring a car track, airplane opening up, space station, underground lair, castle and a bunch of other locales which all lead towards light.

What’s more exciting is the fact that Google has said they’ll be “unveiling Google’s vision for the future of gaming.”

It’s such a massive unknown at this point, but with Google being the mega company that they are, it’d be great for them to enter the console market and push the big three even further.

All will be revealed on March 20th at 4:00am AEDT.