Philip’s Hue Play Bars Have Finally Launched In Australia

As of last week, the Philips Hue Play Bars have finally released in Australia.

These nifty little devices go behind your TV or monitor (or anywhere else around your house) in order to project light behind your screens, which much improve not only the overall feel of the area, but then improve things such as deep blacks on your screens.

As with the rest of the hue products, these connect to the Hue app, where you can control the dimness as well as colours that they project. You can also use smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa to control. You can also sync these with your PC in order to get the game that you’re playing projects around the screen with Hue Sync.

They’re available from retailers such as JB Hi-Fi. You can get one for $89 or a double pack for $179.