The Australian Video Game Classification System Will Be Reviewed Next Year

The Federal Government has today announced that they’ll look to review the Australian Classification System.

The reason for the review is the fact that the current system was put in place before the days of “online streaming or the daily use of gaming services”. The press release also states that the current system was established “in the age of dial-up internet”.

The review will not only focus on video games, but will also focus on commercial free to air television, streaming services, online stores, cinema releases.

  1. Opportunities to harmonise the classification of, or restriction of access to, content across different delivery platforms including broadcasting services (commercial free to air, national broadcasting and subscription television), online stores and services, cinema releases, and physical product (e.g. boxed video games and DVDs).

The report on the classification will be delivered to the Government by April 2020. It’s unclear how this could change things for games, but and it will most likely change the process for digital products as well as streaming services such as Netlix and YouTube.

Thanks, Kotaku.