Krispy Kreme Rick And Morty Themed Donuts Are Now A Thing

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, and also a fan of donuts, then this is the best news for you to start your day. Rick and Morty have teamed up with Krispy Kreme to bring an official range of donuts to their Aussie stores, the best part is, they are already in stores.

You can pick between any or all of the three donuts on offer, all inspired from moments or characters within the show. Of course we’ll be trying out the Pickle Rick donut, although hopefully it’s a bit sweeter than an actual pickle. The other two donuts to choose between are Strawberry Smiggles, and Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie.

Krispy Kreme have also created a Rick and Morty themed shake. Fleeb Juice will be available for anyone wanting to add a berry flavoured drink to their meal.

You’ll be able to get them until the 16th of March, so if you need some kind of Rick and Morty fix before the new batch of episodes drops, then this will definitely fill that hunger.