Kart Rider Rush

KartRider Rush+ Is A Free To Play Mobile Kart Racer And It’s Out Right Now

KartRider Rush+ is the newest game from Nexon and it’s out today. It’s free to play on both iOS and Android devices and you can grab it HERE on the App Store.

KartRider Rush+’s modes include:

  • Story Mode: Story Mode allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game, learning about character backstories and showcasing various game modes.
  • Speed Race Mode: This mode challenges racers to compete against each other and use their drifting skills to earn EXP that can unlock more challenging tracks.
  • Arcade Mode: Whether playing solo or in teams, players can enjoy additional gameplay options within Arcade Mode, such as Item Race, Infini-Boost and Lucci Runner.
  • Ranked Mode: From Bronze to Living Legend, players can rank up tiers and earn rewards such as K-Coins to purchase a variety of items in the Shop.
  • Time Trial: This mode is all about beating the clock to become the fastest racer

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