Cyberpunk 2077

Secretlab’s Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chairs Are Pretty Damn Nice

Secretlabs has announced a range of Cyberpunk gaming chairs. They’re covered in neon yellow with the back being black with the signature red Cyberpunk faction logo on it (similar to that marvelous reversible jacket).

They are pricey. You’re looking at somewhere between $600 and $800 depending on which version you go for, but they’re honestly pretty damn nice. I love the whole Cyberpunk aesthetic. You can find the Titan model HERE and OMEGA model HERE. 

Cyberpunk 2077

Here’s how Secretlabs describes the collaboration:

Every aspect of the Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Edition brings to life a unique element of Cyberpunk 2077’s techno-dystopia, down to the electrical traces on the backrest and cybernetic augmentation slots. Upholstered in neon yellow, the Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Edition is the perfect upgrade for any cyberpunk looking to elevate their experience of the game.

It seems like Cyberpunk collaborations are going to be all the range. SteelSeries recently announced that they were creating a range of Cyberpunk 2077 headsets. 

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