EB Games Is Searching The Country For Its Earliest Customer

Video game retail giant EB Games is kicking off the celebrations for its 25th anniversary this year, starting with a national search for a very special person.

The company is on the hunt for its first customer, that one person who was there right at the very beginning and made the first purchase at an EB Games (or then Electronics Boutique).

Of course, finding the actual first customer would be nearly impossible, so EB is going for the next best thing and asking shoppers to come forward with their receipts to try and find the earliest purchase possible. They want punters to share whatever they can to prove it, and in return EB is putting up a huge prize pack that includes a $2500 EB shopping spree and a merch pack.

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Check out the full competition announcement below:

Since 1997, we’ve had millions of loyal & passionate customers walk through our doors! To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, this year we are searching for EB’s Earliest Customer! Could it be you?

Do you have a photo or home video of you holding your very first purchase at Electronics Boutique? Maybe it’s the original receipt or a bank statement? We want to see if you are our earliest customer!

Comment below or email us on 25.years@ebgames.com your entry with the story behind it and you could win a MASSIVE prize pack including a $2500 shopping spree at your local EB Games!

PLUS stay tuned for monthly giveaways as we celebrate 25 years of EB Games!

Full details and T&Cs: https://bit.ly/3jiTbJ6