Steam Has Revealed The Names And Dates For Its First Slate Of 2024 Sales

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After it published the full schedule of big sales and events for 2023 all the way back in February, Steam has once again shared a bunch of info on upcoming deals and activity well ahead of time with a look at the first three months of 2024.

The next big “Fest” on Steam is the SHMUP Fest, which kicks off over the next day or so, with another major demo-filled Steam Next Fest kicking off very soon on October 9th. Looking ahead to the newly-announced 2024 stuff though, PC gamers can look forward to some interesting-looking Fests, like the Capitalism and Economy Fest, Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest and Dinos vs. Robots Fest all happening in early 2024. TCG and TTRPG fans will be excited to see a Deckbuilders fest making up the very last slot in March, as well.

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Take a look at what’s coming below:

Steam Sales & Fests Schedule for 2023 and 2024