Fortnite’s Fantastic Takes On LEGO, Racing And Rock Band Are All Out Now

I'm gonna need more free time.

Fortnite has finished its gradual roll-out of three entirely new modes/games, leveraging a bit of brand power and some studio acquisitions to now offer players a host of very distinct new experiences that all have a ton of potential.

LEGO Fortnite was the first to launch, late last week, and has already taken the world by storm – even eclipsing the player counts of Fortnite’s bread-and-butter Battle Royale mode (according to VGC) with 2.1 million folks logged in at its peak. Battle Royale by comparison was hitting just on the 2 million player mark. The mode can be haphazardly described as Minecraft meets Valheim within the context of Fortnite, and starring LEGO minifig versions of over 1200 existing skins along with a plethora of buildable LEGO buildings, parts and contraptions. That might sound like a whole lot of buzzwords, but it absolutely works and is surprisingly chill, not to mention absolutely gorgeous running in Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 making it one of the best-looking LEGO games this side of Bricktales.

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Of course, it’s not the only new mode with Rocket Racing, a proper online arcade racer starring iconic Rocket League vehicles and likewise developed by Psyonix, along with Fortnite Festival which taps the talent of Rock Band developer Harmonix to create an entire Fortnite multiplayer rhythm game in the same vein. Both are still a touch more bare in terms of content and feature sets versus what you might expect from standalone games of their ilk but both are a heap of fun – Rocket Racing is definitely my favourite thus far. VGC has again reported that Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival are reaching up to 800,000 and 600,000 players at their respective peaks.

A world of worlds all in Fortnite. Find the experience that fits you! With the launch of new games LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival… the possibilities are endless within Fortnite. Jump in today and discover the experience that fits you!