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Taskmaster VR Has A Release Date Along With A New Trailer

Your time starts now.

I can’t count the number of dinners I’ve eaten in front of an episode of Taskmaster, with the inspired evil of Alex Horne’s tasks and the unfiltered feedback from known grump, Greg Davies, making for some top-notch telly. There comes a natural point, as a Taskmaster enjoyer, where you firmly and unequivocally decide that you’d be far better at any of the insane tasks presented on the show, and now – thanks to the upcoming Taskmaster VR – you’ll finally be able to put that to the test.

Developed by Scallywag Arcade, a new studio with roots in games like God of War: Ragnarok, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Taskmaster VR has finally secured a release date, officially launching on Meta Quest and SteamVR headsets on June 13th.

The game will, naturally, follow a similar format to the show with players becoming a contestant and challenged to complete a wide range of absurd tasks. While they might resemble pretty typical VR minigame fare at first glance, the tasks on offer have been designed in the same spirit of the show with a mixture of physical and intellectual tests that contain scope for multiple different solutions and creative thinking to ensure they’re never the same task twice.

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Perhaps even more excitingly, Taskmaster VR will allow players to live out every living human’s dream of replacing Little Alex Horne as the Taskmaster’s Assistant and devising tasks of their own. You’ll be able to access a huge variety of different tools and gadgets and hundreds of different items to make your very own tasks in the game’s Creative Mode, all through the fully-explorable Taskmaster House, and then force encourage their friends and family to complete them.

It’s an exciting prospect, and one that’s been designed in creative consultation with Horne and Davies, including the lending of their voices, and in collaboration with the show’s production company, so it really sounds like this will be one that Taskmaster fans shouldn’t miss when it launches on June 13th. You can pre-purchase it right now on the Meta Store and wishlist it on Steam.

Check out the release date trailer for Taskmaster VR below: