capcom super election results

The Results Of Capcom’s “Super Election” Are Here Including Which New Game Fans Want Next

A (pre)historic result.

Capcom has finally published the results of its “Super Election,” a global survey in which the company asked fans to vote on things like their favourite Capcom games, series and characters, what they’re looking for in new games, as well as the big, important question – which Capcom franchise they’d most like to see get a new game or sequel.

That franchise? It’s only bloody Dino Crisis. Yes, the democratic system has once again prevailed, and the world has made the correct choice. Dino Crisis ripped past the competition with a whopping 80,769 total votes in its favour, beating out the next best effort at 63,395 votes for Mega Man and Mega Man and Devil May Cry with 60,371.

dino crisis number 1

Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 took out the top spot for favourite game, with protagonist Dante also named the favourite Capcom character, beating out Leon Kennedy and X (the Mega Man kind, not the doomed social media network).

It’s a pretty lengthy and exhaustive survey with some interesting insights into what Capcom fans want and have enjoyed to date, and how that might line up with the state of the company right now, so it’s well worth having a peruse through it all right here. There are also some great snippets from actual comments survey users left, including this banger that is now going into my permanent conversational cheat sheet:

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Of course, Capcom’s most recent major, original release is Dragon’s Dogma 2, which we scored a 9/10 in our review with James saying, “Dragon’s Dogma II embodies the essence of what the original should have been. With its expansive open world teeming with dangerous but delightful encounters, enjoyable combat, and versatile vocations, it’s an enchanting experience from beginning to end.”

The company also dropped fresh ports of its Monster Hunter Stories games recently, and has a brand new entry, Monster Hunter Wilds, on the way in 2025 along with Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess next month and Pragmata… at some point, hopefully.