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GTA Online’s New Bottom Dollar Bounties Update Is Out Now And Here’s What’s In It

Bet on it.

With Grand Theft Auto VI’s release still feeling like a distant dream, it’s good to know that there’s still a heap of new content to keep GTA fans going in Grand Theft Auto Online.

As part of that effort, Rockstar has just dropped a big new update for GTA Online, dubbed Bottom Dollar Bounties, which adds a lucrative new business in the form of the Bail Enforcement Office. Bringing back GTA 5 and GTAO’s iconic bounty hunter, Maude Eccles, Bottom Dollar Bounties allows players to take on increasingly-risky targets for increasingly-big rewards and keep the cashflow going with their own personal Bail Enforcement Agents.

Bottom Dollar Bounties also brings with it new Dispatch Work to complete at the behest of LSPD’s Vincent Effenburger, new Law Enforcement Vehicles and drift tuning options, new props and Drift/Drag race tools for the Creator, plus a heap of vehicle and mission balancing changes including increased base payouts for quite a few activities.

Those on GTA+ will start to see additional benefits with the new update as well, including a new Vinewood Club app which members can exclusively use to easily claim earnings, top up ammo, call rides and more all from their phone. It’s like a subscription app for your in-game phone for your subscription for the game.

You can read all about the new Bottom Dollar Bounties update for GTA Online in-depth in the latest Newswire post right here, and watch the new trailer below: