Dragon's Dogma II 2 Review - A Beastren Warrior Takes A Huge Swing At A Goblin

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Just Got An Update With Improved Performance And 120Hz Options On Consoles


It feels like all of today’s news is exclusively Capcom-related, but it’s at least a lot of good news. Case in point – a new update that’s just dropped for Dragon’s Dogma 2 which continues to add much-needed performance improvements and options for console players, along with some handy quality-of-life additions.

The big change here is that players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are now able to change the graphics settings in-game to High (presumably what it was before) and Low, with the latter obviously bringing increased performance, and also toggle on/off a 120Hz option which should be a noticeable benefit to those with compatible displays.

Capcom also notes it’s smoothed out some of the CPU overload in “certain situations,” which presumably means some of those sticky city/town areas that have affected performance, so hopefully that’ll help everyone regardless of their platform/settings.

Elsewhere, some storage and inventory mechanics have been made better, and some more general fixes have been implemented. Here’s what’s new:

Dragon’s Dogma 2 June 27 Title Update

For All Platforms

  • Adding function to sell items from the storage menu.
  • Adding function to equip armor from the storage menu.
  • Adding function to equip armor from the storage when changing vocation in a vocation guild.
  • Increasing the maximum number of items of one kind that can be put in storage from 99 to 999.
  • Adjusting so that when an item is put in the storage beyond the maximum limit, the maximum number of items are automatically put in storage.
  • Adding the option to turn the Arisen’s visibility on or off in photo mode.
  • Adjusting so that it’s easier to find oxcarts in the field.
  • Fixing issue where Venator’s Leggings, Ring of Predominance, and Comforting Neck Wrap were unobtainable.
  • Fixing issues that caused players to be able to enter areas they should not be able to.
  • Fixing issue with purchase pricing for precious stones in Vermund being incorrect at some shops.
  • Fixing issue where the oracle’s guidance would not account for a necessary character being dead.
  • Fixing issue where some gathering points would not regenerate until the next playthrough.
  • Fixing issue where incorrect NPC portraits were displayed.
  • Fixing issues around opening the door in the Ancestral Chamber.
  • Fixing issue with hair display on characters of maximum height.
  • Fixing issues around CPU overload in certain situations.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

For PlayStation 5/Xbox Series

Adding option to change graphics settings to high/low.
Adding option to turn 120Hz output on/off.