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Magic: The Gathering Foundations Has Been Revealed Along With Big Updates On Future Sets

Exciting months ahead!

The past weekend saw Magic: The Gathering players flock to The Netherlands for for MagicCon: Amsterdam, a massive event where thousands of fans gathered to play MtG, watch panels, cosplay, meet big names in the game, connect with like-minded people and learn about exciting developments in the hugely-popular TCG.

And now, coming out of a special preview panel, Wizards of the Coast has revealed some exciting details on upcoming Magic: The Gathering sets and releases, including a first big look at Duskmourn: House of Horror, the world-first announcement of Magic: The Gathering Foundations, a new series of showcase cards and a much-anticipated update on

Fans gathered today at a special preview panel revealing more information for upcoming titles including first looks for Duskmourn: House of Horror and Bloomburrow, a new showcase card series and the world premiere announcement of Magic: The Gathering Foundations.

Bloomburrow is the next big set for MtG after Assassin’s Creed launches this week, and might be the “cosiest” release the game has had to date, full of anthropomorphic critters fighting to protect their homes from elemental forces. You’ll be able to collect and play cards featuring brave rodents, lizards, amphibians, mammals and more on August 2nd with pre-orders open right now on Amazon.

After Bloomburrow, Duskmourn: House of Horror launches September 27th and takes things in pretty much the opposite direction with a horror-themed set that will be bringing back the “one vs. many” madness of the Archenemy format, which originally debuted back in 2010. It’s a 3v1 game where the designated “archenemy” dukes it out against three “heroes” with some distinct and potentially devastating advantages for the solo player, and it should prove to be a hit for its return tour.

Also revealed to be coming along with the release of Duskmourn: House of Horror, WotC announed new “Japan Showcase” cards which will feature art from Japanese artists and illustrators.

Pre-orders for Duskmourn: House of Horror are available now in most regions and should be live on Amazon soon.

Finally, the announcement of Magic: The Gathering Foundations has revealed what will be the new baseline set aimed at brand-new, casual and current MtG players and will be stacked with cards that will remain legal in the Standard format until at least 2029. The set is designed around approachability and welcoming in new players while remaining fun for veterans, and is scheduled to launch on November 15th, 2024.

You can find out more about all of these announcements on the official Magic: The Gathering website.