Gorgeous Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Murals Have Appeared In Melbourne And Sydney

Did a Pictomancer do this?

Square Enix has really gone hard on its marketing game for Final Fantasy XIV’s massive new expansion, Dawntrail, not only creating an entire website dedicated to “The Board of Turalism” to encourage fans and newcomers to go and see the sunny sights of the new region of Tural, but it’s popped up some wonderful-looking murals for both Melbourne and Sydney folks to gaze at.

The murals depict the expansion’s new Viper job and look quite striking as you can see the in image above of the Melbourne mural. If you’re keen to gawk at them in person, you can find them at the below locations:

  • Melbourne: 204 La Trobe St, Melbourne, 3000 VIC
  • Sydney: 26 Phillip St, Paramatta, 2150 NSW

You can also see in the top-left of the murals the “Tural Board of Turalism” branding, which points to the elaborate, fictional board that Square’s created that has an astonishingly-detailed website you can visit to learn about everything from bringing your paintings to life with a Pictomancer, going on a dirigible tour, meeting friendly alpacas and embarking on a jungle experience with a Mamool Ja guide. You can even browse some incredible (but sold out and sadly also fictional) merch.

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The lime in this delicious, tropical cocktail is New Zealand comedian Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, Our Flag Means Death) starring as the “Interim Deputy Director of Turalism” across the site and in a promotional video, which you can watch below:

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, and requires either Final Fantasy XIV Online – Starter Edition or Final Fantasy XIV Online – Complete Edition to play.

Head to the official website for the Tural Board of Turalism here, or to the regular ol’ Final Fantasy XIV website here, to lean more.