Pokémon leaks reveal koala-ty content!

As with the majority of leaks for new Pokémon games, the latest scans of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro have revealed two new Pokémon for the Alola region – and one of them is a koala!

The scans revealed ‘Nekkoala’, a normal-type with an ability called “Definite Sleep”, which prevents it from being afflicted with status effects other than sleep.

‘Iwanko’ was also shown, a rock-type dog Pokémon. It is believed that this Pokémon was the same one briefly shown in the trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 2.07.26 PMThese two reveals are just the first of what could be many more, especially with E3 right around the corner!

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Source: serebii.net