Restaurants Are Enticing Pokemon GO Players With Lures

In yet another chapter of the Pokemon GO phenomenon, Australian eateries are setting out Lures to provide incentive for Pokemasters to eat at their establishments. The most prominent marketing campaign is coming from The Pancake Parlour who is hosting Pokemon nights at seven of their restaurants this coming Thursday. For $12, they’re giving customers a short stack, the choice of a drink + added Pokemon GO lures which will bring more Pokemon to their establishment.

At the time of posting, Highpoint, Northland, Glen Waverley, Fountain Gate, Eastland and Doncaster are booked out. You can find out more about this HERE

Tanghui Sydney is also taking advantage of the craze, advertising that they’d be activating the Lure Model at the TerraCotta Warrior Sculpture at the main-door between 11:30pm-2:30pm and 5:30pm-9:30pm everyday.

Local establishments are also taking advantage, putting up signs advertising the fact that they are near a local Pokestop.


Twitter is also full of people talking about their restaurant choices being influencing by local PokeStops.