The Nintendo Vans Are Incredibly Overpriced In Australia

Last week we confirmed that the Nintendo Vans would finally be hitting Australian shops after weeks of waiting. Today is the day, but unfortunately, the situation upon heading into our local Platypus Shoes this morning was different to what we expected..

Pretty much the entire lineup of shoes are limited in and are incredibly overpriced. Most of the shoes range between $149.95-$179.95 with the Princess Peach pair coming in at $129.95.

Considering most of the shoes are only $65 USD in the states, this is an incredibly injustice to us Aussies who have waited ages to get our hands on them.

Princess Peach Lace Ups – $129.95
Donkey Kong Lace Ups – $149.95
Mario Rainbow Lace Ups – $149.95
Zelda Slip Ons – $179.95
Hightops – $179.95

Hats – $39
Backpacks – $69
Shirts – $69