Pikmin Is Getting A Side-scrolling Game on 3DS

In probably the biggest shock of the entire Nintendo Direct, Captain Olimar and his brave Pikmin are getting a side-scrolling adventure on the Nintendo 3DS.

You’ll be able to touch the screen in order to throw your Pikmin around. It’ll follow the same general premise as the main game in the sense that Pikmin will be able to move objects, battle for you and carry treasure towards the goal.

As always, Red Pikmin are fire-resistant, Blue Pikmin love water, and Yellow Pikmin can be thrown to higher ground, and aren’t hurt by electricity.

One thing is clear from the trailer, this is much more action-packed and faster paced than a regular Pikmin game.

The Pikmin side-scrolling adventure does not yet have a title. We do know that it’ll release sometime in 2017 and it’s clear at this point that it may be the final large release for the 3DS, and I can’t think of a better way to round out what has been an absolutely stunning software lineup.