The Greatest Pokemon GO Easter Egg Is Coming In The Latest Update

Niantic have provided a ton of epic easter eggs in Pokemon GO, whether it be being able to choose Pikachu as your starter Pokemon or being able to name your Eevee to choose which evolution you’d get, but none are better than the easter egg that is set to arrive in the next Pokemon GO update.

As we all know, the update which is currently rolling out allows you to pick a buddy Pokemon which is displayed next to your avatar, and also by your side on your character screen.

However, whilst Pikachu initially shows up on your side, once you’ve walked him for 10km he’ll quickly jump to your shoulder, which is iconic to anybody who grew up watching Pokemon.

This is without doubt, the most significant update for Pokemon GO yet, and is sure to draw players back to the app. It’s already


Thanks, TheSilphRoad.