Nintendo Switch’s Screen Reportedly Only 720p

The announcement of the Nintendo Switch had many weary Nintendo fans excited for a possible resurgence of the iconic gaming company. But if recent reports are to be believed, the Switch may not be as technically advanced as we’d hope.

According to Eurogamer, who notably leaked incredibly accurate information on the Nintendo Switch whilst it was still in development, the Switches tablet-like screen will be 6.2 inches but only have a resolution of 720p. Considering many smartphones have screen resolutions of 1080p or even QHD screens, this may come as a disappointment to some.

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However, 3DS users will no doubt welcome the major upgrade in resolution. Remembering the screen will be for portable use, we can most probably expect the docking station will allow for a higher resolution output to the TV screen. It may also be a means of keeping the overall cost of the console down.

Many details in regards to the console are yet to be announced. So far, we know it will not support HDDs but for more, including the pricing, complete specs, battery life and launch lineup, we’ll have to hang out until January.