Nintendo Switch Will Have Double The Ram Of The Wii U

Emily Rogers has confirmed with her sources that in addition to the Nintendo Switch dev kits having 4gb of ram, the retail units will also include 4gb of ram. This is incredibly good news considering the Wii U only had 2gb of RAM. It’s important to note that the PS4 and Xbox One both have 8GB ram, but it’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch will likely have less power than both of these consoles from a spec point of view.

It’s incredibly important to have 4gb of RAM confirmed for the Nintendo Switch as it means that Nintendo will be likely to improve things like multitasking, which were present on the Wii U in limited capacity, but nowhere near in the fashion that we’ve come to know with the PS4 and Xbox One.

Emily Rogers has already leaked several key features and specs for the Nintendo Switch months before launch, with her sources that are prominent in the development community.

The Nintendo Switch will be fully revealed on January 13th, where we’ll learn the release date, launch price and lineup of games.