Super Mario 64 Coin Glitch Discovered 20 Years After Release

Super Mario 64 is the game that keeps on giving. The game that defined 3D games as we currently know them has been in the spotlight for the past 20 years, with one those reasons being the multitude of glitches that the game has provided.

YouTuber UncommentatedPannen has uncovered the mystery of the impossible coin situation in the level ‘Tiny-Huge Island. In Super Mario 64, coins in a row are only ever displayed with five coins, but in this particular instance, there’s four coins on a slope. UncommentatedPannen has used a program called STROOP, to look into the objects individually and has come to the conclusion that this slope was most likely flat until developers changed the geometry and forgot to change the rotation of the coins.

The video lasts about 10 minutes and whilst the glitch isn’t game breaking or revolutionary, it’s a very good insight into the way that game design works.