NES Classic Minis Were Available On Kogan and Dick Smith Yesterday For A Ridiculous Price

The NES Classic Mini fiasco has been a fun one to follow over the last 3-4 weeks. With retailers such as Big W, Target, JB Hi-Fi and EB Games selling out almost instantly, thousands of Australian gamers were left high and dry when trying to purchase the console.

Well, Kogan and Dick Smith (now owned by Kogan) yesterday tried to cash in the hype, offering NES Classic Minis for $279 in a bid to get them sold before Christmas. It was noted on the product listing that they were international units, and they’re now sold out so it’s clear that people were willing to pay in a bid to secure the units in time for Christmas.

Interestingly enough, Kogan has The Famicon Mini in-stock for the same price. This is a similar unit to the NES Classic Mini, but it’s designed around the Japanese version of the same console. You can find that HERE.