The Second Global Mission For Pokemon Sun and Moon Also Failed

Much like the first global mission, Pokemon Sun and Moon’s second Global Mission has ended miserably.

The second Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon kicked off in December and relied on players capturing or defeated 1 million Pokemon. The trick was that the players had to be using the Island Scan functionality which can only be used once per 24 hours.

Unfortunately, only 661,839 Pokemon were captured in this time which is well below the goal.

A prize of 217 or 434 Festival Coins has been handed out to the Pokemon Hunters that participated. This is dependant on whether the player has their account linked to the Pokemon Global Link System.

The first Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission started in November and also failed dismally. Quite remarkably, the goal was to catch 100 million Pokemon worldwide and only 16.4 million Pokemon were caught.

It’s expected that Game Freak will readjust future Global Missions going forward.