Aussies Really Aren’t Happy With The Australian Nintendo Switch Price

Just a mere hour ago, we revealed that the Nintendo Switch would launch on March 3rd for $469.95 in two wonderful SKUs. Obviously, before the Nintendo Switch launch, many (including us) were predicting the Nintendo Switch to come out for $350-399 in Australia. That might have been a little bit hasty as the Nintendo Switch is packing some incredible tech in the box.

However, just based on us sending out the information, we’re already seeing a lot of backlash from gamers. Some are upset on the price, and some are confused about why it cost so much in comparison to other countries.

It’s actually not that unreasonable when you convert from the $299 USD American price either. $299 USD converts to $399 AUD. Once you add American tax or GST, it honestly ends up not being much worse than the American price.

Nintendo have made some pretty good early impressions with the Nintendo Switch. Sure, we were expecting to have more games to play sooner, but the tech is not even comparable to that of the Wii U, and it’s a more exciting concept than what other developers are serving us at the moment.

We ran a poll as soon as the pricing was announced and quite now, the results are interesting but no really surprising.

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A barrage of tweets has revealed much the same.