1-2 Switch Will Feature At Least 24 Mini Games

Everybody was shocked with Nintendo revealing that 1-2 Switch was not a pack-in title for the Nintendo Switch, but now that we’re learning more about the title, it looks like there may be more substance than we initially thought.

We not know courtesy of images on the official website that there will be at least 24 mini games. It’s unclear whether this is the final amount or more will be revealed before launch.

What’s known

  • Ball Count
  • Copy Dance
  • Eating Contest
  • Milk
  • Quick Draw
  • Samurai Training
  • Table Tennis
  • Air Guitar
  • Safe Crack
  • Soda Shake
  • Runway

We want hands-on with 1-2 Switch last week in Melbourne. You can read our impressions HERE.

1-2 Switch is due to release on Nintendo Switch on March 3rd.