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This Free Nintendo Switch Magazine Is Well Worth A Read

So, it’s no secret that Nintendo fan or not, most gamers are hyped about the Nintendo Switch release. Regardless of whether you’re picking it up on launch day, or don’t plan on picking it up ever, most gamers are intrigued by new consoles just to see how the console pans out over the first few months. For the hardcore, there’s a Nintendo Switch magazine for you.

The Nintendo Switch magazine is being produced out of the UK in both digital or physical form. The digital version is actually available for free and is surprisingly great both in design and content. It’s called “SwitchPlayer” and will be published bi-monthly. You can read issue one HERE.

The first issue includes everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch, a bunch of hands-on impressions from the launch titles and beyond, a bunch of well-known and respected game journalist’s opinions including Greg Miller, Tim Gettys and Laura Kate Dale. It’s 48 pages in length and well worth a read.

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The creators have also put the magazine on Patreon and they’ve already managed to gain a total of $1,238 per magazine. You can follow that here.

Nintendo fans are a passionate bunch just based on the pure fact that most, if not all gamers have played a Nintendo game at least once in their life. With the average gamer being in their early 30s, this makes most 30 year olds in the perfect age bracket to have grown up with Mario or Zelda.

Honestly, I’m a massive lover of magazines and I read this from cover to cover and sure, I already knew most of the information but it was still nice to have a curated experience about a topic that I’m passionate about. It’s well worth a read.

The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd, but until then, it’s all about the hype train.

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