You’ll Need To Use Parental Control App To Check Nintendo Switch Game Play Time

For the last week, we’ve been wondering exactly how we can check our game play time on the Nintendo Switch. There’s a listing under Data Management to see how long you’ve played each game, but it’s been greyed out even though we’ve sunk a significant amount of time into each of these games.

Well, it looks like the Nintendo Switch won’t start tracking play time until you activate the Parental Controls app on your smart device.

We’re still testing how this works as we just played Zelda for a good 30 minutes and it still hasn’t updated on our smart device despite it saying that it will tell us Time Played on a daily basis. You can also check out a monthly summary of what you’ve played.

Although, just make sure you install this app as soon as you get your Switch as it hasn’t backtracked our play time from over the last week.

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