Game Freak Job Ad Hints At Pokemon On Nintendo Switch

One of the most exciting leaks before the Nintendo Switch coming out was the fact that we’d be getting our first proper console Pokemon game (titled Pokemon Stars) on the Nintendo Switch.

Many gamers were shocked to see that it wasn’t announced alongside the console in January, but there’s still hope that it’s on the way.

Pokemon developer Game Freak has posted up listings for two jobs which certainly indicate that they’re working on a new Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch.

The first listing in particular states that “You’ll be working on the production of an RPG game that is popular on a global scale” and “it’s a title that just about anyone knows, a proposal that could be your future career” It also mentions that the platform is a console.

We’re hopeful that Nintendo could show something at E3, but it seems as though the game is further off than we first thought.