One of the major issues with LEGO City Undercover on the Wii U was the incredibly excessive load times of more than a minute in certain instances.

Sadly, whilst they’re marginally better on Nintendo Switch, they’re still really quite long.

In some instances, it’ll take as long as a minute to load into a mission, which is actually quite ridiculous, especially for a game that’s now portable. These occur frequently too, not just a the beginning of the game.

Nintendo World Report TV has compared the Nintendo Switch load times with the Nintendo Wii U load times and they’re quite similar.

  • heavenshitman1

    Def an improvement, will take anything we can get, I’m assuming Switch version will be loading more into it (textures, sound quality etc).

    As I comment elsewhere, Switch is supposed to have precisely double the memory and bandwidth. So I expect Switch to be able to load potentially twice as fast for the exact same content, realistically minus the fact CPU and disc-speeds are only marginally faster. So yeah, Switch ultimately loads faster than WiiU and gives more at the same time. For a self contained unit. Its fair.

    Be interesting to see PS4/XB1 load times with their much beefier CPU’s and mem bandwidths. Assuming they do mandatory installs and avoid the blu-ray reads, I’d expect much faster loads

  • agramonte

    It is $15 dollars for the PC Steam Version. $59 dollars just to play it on the go on the Switch is a bit much – It would need to be a perfect port, does not look like it is.

    Also, who is going to play this with Persona 5 out the same day.

  • GoliothOnline66

    Lego City was a massive flop of a port with nothing being done about its memory storage issues. The game shouldn’t have been ported to begin with with that whole debacle of how much HD space it requires even when a hard copy is present. It was a lazy port by the developers, lax support and leniency on Nintendo’s part in stopping it from going port-side and just another statistical money grab opportunity by half baked ideas stemming from an over inflated gaming industry.

  • TBV121

    The funny thing is it loads faster in PORTABLE MODE! No joke, search: Lego City Undercover Load Time Handheld vs. Docked

    • werwerwerwe

      That has been noted with Zelda as well – performance takes a hit in docked mode (on all games) because of the extra processing required to upscale and transfer the image over to the TV.

  • Icer Zerocool

    Nintendo Switch cannot be too powerful because otherwise it could not handle the HEAT that it generates when running such games. If the Switch turned to be on par powerful or more powerful than PS4?the possibility is?it would melt the components inside. Even my PS4 frozes few times already when playing FF 15?after a couple of hours playing.
    The loading times on this Lego game?definitely helps the Switch from overheating while you’re on the go. For me?it is fine with that loading time.

  • Gamee Pros
  • Anonymous

    This game runs like garbage on the Switch. I can’t believe people still believe that we are going to get 3rd party AAA games on the Switch when it can barely run Zelda and A freaking Lego game. If we do get games like skyrim and steep, expect it to be super downgraded and still expect some framerate issues because the Switch is not as powerful as these Nintendo Fan Boys and Nintendo themselves will like you to believe. It is a great machine and i love my Switch but i never expected great games like RE7 and other 3rd party titles because it just doesn’t make sense on how that will work without massive downgrades to the game that i’m sure many companies wont be ok with doung just to port it to the switch.