Eurogamer is reporting that sources close to Nintendo have confirmed to the website that the SNES Classic Mini has gone into production for release later this year.

This is apparently the major reason why the NES Classic Mini has ceased production in the last few weeks. 

It would be expected that the SNES Classic Mini would release at a similar price point at the NES Classic Mini, which was sold for $99 and included 30 games.

Honestly, this is majorly exciting. The Super Nintendo has one of the best catalogues of any consoles including The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Mario Kart and the Donkey Kong Country games.

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It’s expected that the Super Nintendo Mini would follow the same plug and play style of the NES Classic Mini, with a pre-determined set of games installed.

One thing is certain. If Nintendo do drop this, be sure to pre-order it as soon as possible, as it’s likely to sell out even faster than the NES Classic Mini.

Thanks, Eurogamer. 

  • I’ve already contacted EB to ask them about pre-ordering.

    • Cuzjudd

      Any reply?

  • Aaron Borg

    Stupid thing is that it will go up for pre order and be sold out within minutes like what happened with the mini nes. That or the retailers website crashes on checkout due to their servers being overloaded.

    How about you produce enough units Nintendo so everyone can enjoy your products if they choose to…oh and throw in an AC adapter while you’re at it so people can actually turn it on. Think you would’ve learnt the first time from the New 3DS XL. No AC adapter is just ridiculous!

  • Kudos

    I still have 2 SNES’ that work perfectly. I’d still buy this depending on what games are included. Some second hand SNES games sell for as much / more than this unit will go for.