Nintendo Changed Breath Of The Wild Bowling And People Aren’t Happy

I must admit, in the huge amount of time I’ve put into Breath of the Wild, I’ve never come across snow bowling.

Apparently, in update 1.1.2 of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo removed a glitch that allowed you to get a perfect strike almost every time in snow bowling.

The game would have you stand in a certain location and led to instant success.

YouTuber Austin John Plays has detailed exactly how this has changed post patch, as well as a number of other things that Nintendo seemingly fixed.

In-fact, the official strategy guide actually tells you to do this. The excerpt reads:

The Throwing Technique: The most straightforward way to score a strike is by picking up the snowball and throwing it with R. The complication here is that the hill is very bumpy, so you cannot aim directly. The best approach is to position Link at mid-distance between the flat rock at the centre of the lane and the wooden pillar on the right side. Link should be orientated precisely towards the front pin. By paying close attention to Link’s direction and perfecting the approach detailed here, it is possible to score a strike with near-perfect consistency

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