Out of absolutely nowhere, Nintendo has just announced a brand new Nintendo 2DS XL. It’ll cost $149.99 in America and release on July 28th.

It’ll have a brand new folding design as well as the C-Stick that the New 3DS invented just a few years ago. It’ll have the same fast processing power of the NEW 3DS too, without the 3D capabilities.

We’re still waiting on Australian details. Honestly, this seems a little bit questionable. $150 USD is expensive. It’s more expensive than the 2DS and we’re not really sure what demographic this is for.

  • Trych Robson

    This is for people who prefer the clamshell design to the rigid “one-piece” that is currently on offer.

    I am still using the original 3DS XL, and I have no problems with it. The different between it and the “new” 3DS XL was minimal, so I didn’t bother.

    I did consider the 2DS XL, as I cannot play games or watch movies in 3D. I steered away from the 2DS XL as I hated the design. Nintendo is going to lose a lot of money if they go through with the new 2DS XL venture, as many people, like myself, have opted for a 3DS XL on special instead of the 2DS XL.