EA has spoken a little bit more about their ambition to bring more games to the Nintendo Switch. The company has stated that it’s excited about the console and will look to bring more games to the system.

Currently, EA only has FIFA announced for the console and even then, it’s unclear exactly what version of FIFA this will be.

EA supported the Nintendo Wii U heavily on launch, but we all know how that turned out. Thankfully, the Nintendo Switch seems to be selling better than expected, which means we’ll hopefully see more support from bigger publishers.

The full quote from EA CEO Andrew Wilson is below:

Speaking to investors in a financial call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that the company is now very bullish on the Nintendo Switch, expressing excitement for it bringing an entirely new ecosystem into the fold.

He noted that EA is considering bringing more of its games to the system, in addition to the previously announced FIFA 18

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  • More third party support for the Switch may be announced at E3.

  • EthoAdz86

    Imagine a world where every major game release comes with a portable Switch version. That would be amazing. Though the hardware limitations may be a major obstacle. Just look at quality of the Switch version of NBA Playgrounds. It may have been unoptimised though, have to wait and see if future developers learn to better port titles across. The quality of the upcoming Rime port will be interesting.