Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Is Out Now In Australia

It released last week in Italy, but Australians can now download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump on both iPhone and Android.

The game has you raising a Magikarp in a Tamagotchi style game. You’ll also come across favourites such as Pikachu and Charizard.

You can find the iPhone version HERE and the Android version HERE.

What kind of Pokémon is Magikarp?
? It’s famous—for being pathetically weak, unreliable, and generally useless.
? It can’t learn any powerful moves—all it does is flop around and splash!
? When it flops its way too high in the sky, it’s sometimes snagged by the Bird Pokémon Pidgeotto—never to be seen again!

What kind of game is this?
? Simple controls let anyone easily raise many generations of Magikarp
Tap the food that appears on the screen to feed your Magikarp, or have it complete training to increase its Jump Power! It’s easy to do, and with each generation you raise, the next generation grows even faster!

? Discover all kinds of Magikarp to show your friends
In this app, you can fish up all kinds of Magikarp with unusual patterns like calico and polka dots! When you encounter a rare Magikarp, show it off to your friends on your social media networks!

? Pokémon like Pikachu and Piplup are here to help
A number of popular Pokémon can appear to help your Magikarp grow. Keep playing to find out which Pokémon you’ll befriend!

? Spruce up your pond with Decorations!
Spruce up the pond where you raise your Magikarp. You can make the pond of your dreams, and help your Magikarp grow faster, too!