Nobody Knows When Binding of Isaac Is Coming Out On Nintendo Switch in Australia

The Binding of Isaac on Nintendo Switch has launched in America, but those in Australia waiting for the game to release are left absolutely clueless as to when the game will come out here.

It’s unclear exactly why the game hasn’t released here both digitally and physically and looking at various local retailers gives absolutely no solid idea as to when we’ll actually see the game. Twitter user ‘lylotic’ has summed up the farce in a single tweet.

  • EB Games lists July 6th
  • JB Hi-Fi lists July 21st
  • Amazon UK lists July 14th
  • OZ Gameshop lists June 28th

In my few years of writing about games, I’ve never seen such varying release dates on popular retailers. I can’t even guess what could be causing retailers to all have different release dates.

We’ve reached out to Nicalis to try and get a solid release date but we’re not holding our breath at this point.