This Nintendo Switch Keyboard Lets You Attach Your Joy-Cons To It

Cyber Gadget has announced they’re developing a keyboard accessory for the Nintendo Switch that will allow you to dock your Joy-Cons into its sides, creating what is essentially an extremely wide controller.

Last month, Hori announced their own keyboard peripheral for the Nintendo Switch, though theirs does not let you attach your Cons to it.

It might seem strange and rather niche, but it’ll make in-game chatter a breeze for games like Dragon Quest X. That said, the accessory is also compatible with PC and PlayStation 4, so it’s not exactly limited to just your Switch.

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The keyboard must be connected via USB, and one downside is that it doesn’t charge the Joy-Cons, so breaks will be unavoidable.

The keyboard is set to launch in Japan by September’s end for 3,578 yen, which is just over $40 of our Australian dollars.

There’s absolutely no word on a local release at this stage.

(Thanks, Vooks)

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