The Company That Supplies The Nintendo Switch Screen Could Be In Trouble

In the wake of yet another month of the Switch’s stock being limited, the supplier of the Switch’s screens is seemingly running into financial trouble.

According to and the Wall Street Journal, Japan Display Inc. has reported a net loss of ¥31.5 billion ($286.4 million USD) for its last quarter, which ended last June. The company is currently looking at options, some of which include merging with a Chinese or Taiwanese company in order to salvage the company. The biggest cause of this loss is Apple’s shift to the use of OLED screens, which had a severe effect on the company’s revenue.

Japan Display Inc. is currently the sole supplier of screens for Nintendo’s flag ship device, though what kind of effect this could have on the Switch’s production remains to be seen, considering a revision or a contract with a different supplier remain possibilities.

Japan Display Inc.’s losses have since resulted in major restructuring within the company and the loss of 3.700 jobs worldwide.