Were You Able To Get A SNES Classic Mini?

As stores open across the country, I don’t doubt that there’s a number of different experiences happening across Australia. I want to hear about how you went grabbing a SNES Classic Mini. Was it easy or ridiculously difficult? Were their queues or did you just stroll into a store and pick one up?

Some will stroll into EB Games or JB Hi-Fi to pick up their preorders from months ago (that are hopefully waiting for them), whilst some will endure lines in Big W, Target and other retailers to try their chance at getting a SNES Classic Mini as soon as the doors open. Considering there’s only 20 or so Target stores across Australia that will be stocking it, I’d expect huge queues at these stores specifically. 

One of the more notable ones was this sign from Big W QV, who had blocked off a speicic entrance just for the SNES Classic Mini queue.

I’ve seen all over social medias as early as yesterday morning that some stores have already been preparing customers for the big lines that are expected. It seems much more organised (and expected) than what happened last year with the NES Classic Mini. Stock was almost non existent and as people realised throughout the weekend that the console was now available, they were literally nowhere to be found.

Whilst I expect SNES Classic Mini stores to last most of the day in Target/Big W stores, I have no doubt that it’ll sell out in every store. People won’t be chancing it as they buy them to fill that nostalgic piece of their heart, or maybe just for a loved on for Christmas.

We’ve put together a guide on where you can find the SNES Classic Mini in Australia, but I definitely urge you to act sooner rather than later. We know that the SNES Classic Mini will be stocked in the lead up to Christmas but as we saw last year, people will become more and more desperate to pick one up as we get closed to the big day in December.

We all know what happens then. You’ll be forced to head to eBay or Gumtree and pay ridiculous prices to secure a piece of Super Nintendo goodness.


  1. I preordered one on the day it was announced. I queued up in EB in orderly fashion, along with half a dozen others. Lots of people went away happy, at least temporarily.

  2. didn’t have to pre-order at all..ordered and delivered the same say….playing f-zero right now…sweeeet..!!

  3. I’m in Bunbury WA, our target store has literally 100’s of these!! Walked in straight to counter, no waiting at all! Super easy 🙂

  4. Queue at big w 20 mins before the shop opened. There were about 15 persons in front of me and by the time the door open there were about 30 people in the line. They gave a laminated piece of paper with the word mini nes on it.

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