Watch This Entire Cinema Lose It Over Pikachu Speaking English In The New Pokemon Movie

You may have missed it, but there was briefly a brand new Pokemon movie in cinemas worldwide (including Australia). The movie retold Ashe’s origin story including him finding Pikachu and trying to build a bond with him.

There was one part of the movie that was completely different to how it happened in the TV series though. At the end of the movie, Pikachu speaks plain English which he has never done before. It’s incredibly weird, out of the blue and equally disturbing. It’s mostly odd because of the fact that what he’s saying is so meaningful and basically tells us that Pokemon have negative thoughts about being captured in Pokeballs.

Cinemas around the world have collectively lost their mind over this specific moment, but one Twitter user was able to capture the moment perfectly.


Twitter has also reacted to the situation perfectly.

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